pulseM is a revolutionary new customer engagement software, created to help your business Capture Customer Emotion, Increase Social Media Reviews, and Maintain Employee Accountability

High Participation

  • 33-50% participation rate with our surveys. 
  • Quantifiable results. (pulseM really works).

Social Media REviews

  • Instant social media reviews on Facebook, Google, Yelp, and others. 
  • Get your customers involved in your business

Employee Accountability

  • Reward top performers.
  • Train & incentivize employees who need to improve  

Our purpose is very simple: we want to help our customers capture their customers' emotions, help our customers receive social media reviews, and help our customers keep their employees accountable. All three outcomes are incorporated into one platform, pulseM, which enables our customers to improve their top and bottom line. Below is our Business Process Model. 

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Find out how we are delivering results and improving business outcomes for hundreds of companies - from home service, mid market businesses, to Fortune 500 companies. Our customers include: Milestone Electric, Baker Brothers, Phillips Painting, Boulden Brothers, Aspenmark, Acree Air, The Wire Nut, Infosys, Dallas Business Journals, and many more.